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iSimple Bows TranzIt FM Modulator Kit

Clearwater, Fla. –
iSimple, a division of AAMP of America, introduced an in-car FM radio
integration kit that works with a variety of MP3 players and smartphones.

The TranzIt USB
(IS32), which was originally announced in March but just began shipping last
week, employs an “antenna bypass” modulator to send a signal directly into any
FM car stereo, the company said. It plugs into a device via a 3.5mm audio
connector, and transmits music when the user designates either 87.9 or 88.3 FM
as a playback channel. The device’s controls or touchscreen can be used for
browsing and track changes.

According to the
company’s website, the TranzIt charges the battery of almost any device via

 iSimple suggests the device be professional
installed. It has a $89.95 suggested retail.