IRes Tech Launches Wearable uCorder Lineup

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Toronto - IRes Technology, a manufacturer of surveillance and consumer video equipment based here, has launched a pair of 3.5-inch "wearable" standard-definition mini Digital Video (DV) camcorders that can be configured to record up to seven hours of video and audio at a time.


The camcorders are designed for consumers to wear for convenience while traveling, and are easy to operate through a one-touch audio and video recording system.

The camcorders measure 3.5 inches high, 1 inch wide and 0.5 inches thick. They can be worn in a shirt pocket using an integrated clip, attached to a lanyard (included) as a necklace, or pinned to clothing. The step-up model can double as an Internet video cam.

"There are endless uses for uCorder - lectures, memorable family moments and vacations are examples," said iRes Technology CEO Joel Kligman.

The two models (both currently shipping) include: the IRDC150 ($79.99 suggested retail), which features 1GB of internal memory, and the IRDC250 ($99.99 suggested retail), which features 2GBs of internal memory and adds PC Webcam functionality.

The IRDC250 also includes a stand that can be desk mounted or clipped to a laptop computer, iRes said.

The uCorders

connect to a computer via a USB port without any proprietary software required to playback or save/transfer video and audio files to a PC.

The internal lithium-ion battery is charged through the USB connection.

"Compatible with PCs and Macs, uCorder records VGA-quality (640 by 480 resolution) standard AVI video files for playback on any computer system. Additionally, it can be set to record audio-only WAV files," added Kligman.

In addition to the onboard flash memory, a slot is included for optional MicroSD card memory (up to 8GB total), making the total storage capacity, including internal and MicroSD memory, up to seven hours. Files are easily transferred to any computer via USB connection.

IRes Technology is a developer and manufacturer of video solutions for the consumer electronics and surveillance markets. The company's mission is to "fulfill the need for a lower cost supply of high-end security products."

iRes offers its entire line online and is working with traditional retail distribution.

According to Adam Lang, iRes Technology marketing director: "Our strategy is to market our line via traditional electronics distribution. uCorder is already available through several retail and e-tail partners, and we hope to expand our distribution - we're still a young company, and we're currently in discussions with numerous independent, regional and national retail customers).

"We are also looking to partner with a couple of major distributors that will enable us to access additional e-tail outlets and regional retail," he continued. "We're open to working with our partners in supporting and implementing different advertising and merchandising plans based on their promotional opportunities."

In conjunction with the product launch, a Web site dedicated to the uCorder line was launched at



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