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iPhone Gets Schlage Home-Security App

Carmel, Ind. — Schlage, the lock company, has developed an iPhone application that remotely controls its Schlage home-security system, converting the iPhone into a keypad for the system.

The Schlage Link system is the first keypad door-lock system that uses wireless technology to notify a homeowner when someone enters the home, and which also connects to home lighting and other appliances, Schlage said.

The new iPhone application at the Apple App Store also lets homeowners remotely lock and unlock doors, check the status of door locks, turn lights on and off and will also soon manage home thermostats and security cameras from anywhere in the world via the iPhone.

Under the system parents can receive an email telling them the kids are home from school, and they can open the door for the cable guy remotely without having to miss a day of work.

The new iPhone App is free but requires a $12.95/month service fee plus the cost of the Schlage Link system at $299.