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iPhone Case With Integrated Wall Charger Debuts

New York — iPhone accessory startup Detached today unveiled its
inaugural product, the JuiceTank case for the iPhone 4/4S, with a collapsible
AC plug so the phone can be plugged directly into an outlet for charging.

The case was introduced on the crowd-funding site Kickstarter.

The case is made from bulletproof, jet-black polycarbonate and is
expected to retail for $70, but is currently available for $55 for early
adopters who contribute to the Kickstarter campaign.

“I had a bad habit of leaving my charger at home and getting
stuck with a dead cellphone,” explained Detached founder Jesse Pliner. “The
JuiceTank is the perfect answer to this common problem.  When your case is your charger, you have
everything you need to keep your iPhone looking great and fully charged at all

The case is slated to be available to consumers by the summer.

Additional pledge opportunities are available on

Detached’s Kickstarter page

, along with
additional photos and a demonstration video.