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iPhone App Prints Photos Without PC

Bangalore, India — A new iPhone application is now available that allows users to print photos directly from their iPhone or iPod Touch to a printer, without the PC as a middleman.

Celstream Technologies said its new iPrintApp, which began selling at $1.99 on the Apple App Store last week, is the first iPhone application that lets users print photos on the device directly to most Wi-Fi networked printers without the need to install special client/server software on a computer. 

With iPrintApp, users can walk into a copy store, photo store or hotel business center and print photos directly from their iPhone to a Wi-Fi networked printer, said a spokeswoman.

 “With iPrintApp, users can print … without going through the cumbersome process of transferring images to a computer prior to printing,” said Ranga Raj, Celstream chief technical officer.

The application works with any printer supporting PostScript or USB printer using Mac SharedQueues on a Wi-Fi network.

The iPrintApp also allows users to print multiple photos on a single sheet and it has a print-preview function for resizing images and letting users deselect images and add new images to print. 

The iPhone can accept incoming calls while using the application.

Celstream develops products and solutions for publishing and digital media.