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IPC Bows Solar Powered Batteries

LAS VEGAS – ICP Global Technologies is parlaying the energy of the sun into providing battery power for a wide variety of consumer electronics products.

The Montreal-based company, which introduced its iSun portable solar charger here yesterday, said the unit comes with plugging accessories that will enable users to not only charge such CE products as cellphones, but also operate over 90 percent of all small electronics requiring less than two watts.

The iSun is designed for use in all sunny conditions. The brightest days will yield better charging output, and the unit does not charge when closed, since it does not have an internal storage battery.

Ideal for travelers, iSun Model 04061, in a silver color, can be used to run PDAs, and small and portable computers. A second unit, Model 04062 in yellow, called iSun Sport, is designed for outdoor use to run a GPS, an FRS radio, a two-way radio, cellphone, hand-held video game, digital camera and a portable MP3, mini disc or CD player.

The iSun can also be daisy-chained one unit to another to double the power outage. It can charge rechargeable batteries within two to four hours, depending on the amount of sun exposure and on the type of rechargeable battery.

Accessories include female socket adapter cable, suction cups, power cable, two male adapters and five female adapters. The company said a battery pack will be added soon. Called the BattPak, it will slide under the iSun into a docking bay, permitting the portable power user complete independence day or night.

Both models of the iSun are available, with a suggested retail of $79.99.