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iPad Owners Ready To Trade Up

New York – If and when Apple releases a new iPad the tablet
will have a ready-made customer base, according to a survey by Pricegrabber.

The online shopping site’s survey of 1,829 online consumers
found that 52 percent of tablet owners already own an iPad, and 42 percent of
those people intend to purchase an iPad 3, or whatever Apple calls it new
model, when it is released.

Apple has scheduled a press conference to March 7 when it is
expected by the industry to reveal the latest incarnation of the iPad.

The study found 22 percent of all respondents already owned
a tablet.

As usual when a new iPad is released adoption is expected to
be swift. Pricegrabber found that 39 percent of those surveyed plan to purchase
an iPad 3 before the end of 2012. Of those, 11 percent will take one home
within a week of its release. Twenty percent will do so within a month and 30
percent within a year of the new iPad hitting stores.

Apple has not released any details on the iPad 3, but that
has not stopped its fans from developing a wish list of important features.

About 54 percent are hoping for a lower price

53 percent want better battery life;

49 percent an SD card slot;

44 percent a better camera with a flash;

44 percent want the new A6 processor;

and 41 percent would like a built in HDMI port.