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iOS Health Monitor Debuts From Zensorium

Singapore – Zensorium today will announce the availability of Tinké, a small plug-in device for iOS devices that monitors cardio-respiratory health and stress levels.

Tinké is compatible with Apple’s 30-pin connector as well as a Lightning-to-30-pin adapter. It uses optical sensing technologies to capture blood volume changes through a user’s fingertips and quantifies cardio-respiratory health and stress levels into indexes.  The indices trend alongside one another for daily and monthly monitoring.

The Vita Index is a personalized cardiorespiratory score that is created by piecing data collected from heart rate, blood oxygen level and respiratory rate. The Zen Index uses heart rate variability as a basis to report a personalized score for stress level.

Tinké’s social component allows users to share their results on Facebook, add friends and family to the Tinké network and compare scores with other global Tinké users.

The Tinké App is available free on the iTunes App Store and is designed to work with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

Tinké is available in gray, blue, pink and white for a retail price of $119 at

A demo video and more information can be found here.