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Iogear Fined For ‘Germ-Free’ Peripheral Claims

San Francisco — ATEN Technology, of which Iogear is a subsidiary, settled with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) last week over the company’s claims that their nano-coated computer peripheral products protected against germs.

ATEN was fined $208,000.

“We’re seeing far too many unregistered products that assert unsubstantiated antimicrobial properties,” said Katherine Taylor, associate director of the communities and ecosystems division, in a statement. “Whether the claim involves use of an existing material such as silver, or new nano technology, the EPA takes these unverified public health claims very seriously.”

The products in question included a wireless laser mouse with nano-shield coating, a laser travel mouse with nano-coating technology, and wireless RF keyboard and mouse combinations. Iogear reportedly ceased making these claims when the EPA contacted them.

When questioned by TWICE for a response, Iogear provided the following statement from executive VP Miranda Su: “Iogear has worked closely with the EPA to resolve this matter as quickly as possible. Iogear prides itself in designing innovative connectivity products for the home and business. We regret that mislabeling of the products and inaccurate packaging led to non-compliance with federal regulations. Once Iogear was informed of this issue, we fully cooperated with the EPA to bring it to a close.”

The products involved are still currently available through retailers.