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International Gateway, Digital Event Are Set For 2002 CES In January

Arlington, Va. – Announcements about the 2002 International CES continue from organizer CEA, which said that it will partner with Pepcom to produce the ‘Digital Experience’ technology showcase event, and separately will hold what it calls the ‘International Gateway’ for foreign manufacturers.

The Digital Experience, which is a three-year deal with Pepcom, will take place January 8, 2002 from 6 to 9 p.m. at the Aladdin Hotel’s Grand Ballroom in Las Vegas, opening night of the four-day show.

CEA said in a prepared statement that the event will enable press and manufacturers to informally discuss the latest products and services. Products such as PCs, Internet appliances, PDAs, digital cameras, advanced wireless phones and pagers, wired and wireless networking, mobile music devices, color printers, scanners, and other products will be shown.

During the event at 2001 International CES more than 40 companies showed products and drew well over 450 key members of the press and market analysts, CEA said.

The International Gateway exhibit will take 50,000 square feet of space at the Las Vegas Hilton Ballroom, Pavilion and Center. The exhibit will be the home to exhibitors from countries such as Korea, Hong Kong, Sweden, Germany, Israel, Japan and others.

CEA said that also in this new venue will feature the Innovations showcase where CES honors the best designed and engineered products new to the market.

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