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Intel Uses Forum To Unveil New Tech Details

San Francisco —- At the Intel Developers Forum today the company released details on its upcoming Intel Core micro-architecture for use in desktop and notebook computers that the chip maker claims provides better performance and energy efficiency.

Justin Rattner, Intel senior fellow and chief technology officer, said during his keynote address at the forum that the new micro-architecture will deliver a 40 percent increase in power while reducing energy requirements by the same amount. The Intel Core micro-architecture, which is based on Intel’s 65 nanometer fabrication process, is already used in the company’s just introduced Core Duo processor line, but the upcoming processors are expected to be in PCs by the third quarter. Quad core processors can be expected by 2007, Rattner said.

Also at the developer’s forum Sean Maloney, Intel’s executive VP, gave details on the company’s upcoming processors including the next-generation dual core Centrino models, single-chip WiFi/WiMax radio and an Intel-branded WiMax PCMCIA card. Maloney said new the Centrino platform, code named Santa Rosa, is expected to be out in the first half of 2007. It will deliver improved wireless connectivity, more security and better overall performance then the current models. The platform will have a more powerful mobile dual-core processor, an improved graphics chipset, code named Crestline and an 802.11n WiFi adapter, code named Kedron.