Intel Ultrabook Concept Unveiled

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Taipei, Taiwan - Intel today defined what it is calling a new class of thin, light and powerful laptops at the Computex trade show.

Intel executive VP Sean Maloney called the new product category the "Ultrabook." He described these upcoming portable computers as being about 0.8-inches thick and cost under $1,000 yet will be as powerful as a full-size PC.

The first models, expected out later this year, will run on Intel's second generation, Sandy Bridge, Core processors.

The first batch to hit stores will include the ASUS UX21 Ultrabook, along with models from Apple, Lenovo and Samsung.

Maloney made the announcement during his keynote address at the show.

Maloney also shared news on the roadmap for Intel Atom processor family. He said it will be moved from the 32nm to 22nm to 14nm platforms in three successive years. In May Intel announced its 22nm form factor that uses the company's


technology and said it would become the standard for all its processors.

He also showed off 10 tablet PCs running on an Atom Z670 processor. Maloney also discussed Intel's Medfield processor family, a 32nm version purpose built for tablets and smartphones that can run the Android and MeeGo OS. It will allow for sub-9mm thick tablet designs that way about 1.5 pounds, he said. These could be on the market as early as mid 2012.


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