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Intel Rolls Out New Mobile Chips

Santa Clara, Calif. — Intel introduced yesterday four mobile Pentium 4 processors based on its new 90-nanometer processor technology.

The 538, 532, 518 and 340 are intended for use in desktop replacement notebooks but still incorporate the battery-saving Speedstep technology. The processors are the second batch to utilize Intel’s new naming configuration that does not highlight processor speed. The first three models all feature support for Intel’s HyperThreading technology; have 1MB of level 2 cache; and have respective clock speeds of 3.2GHz, 3.06GHz and 2.8GHz.

The 340 is a 1.5GHz model in the Celeron M processor family and has 512KB of L2 cache and a 400MHz system bus.

In 1,000 unit quantities, the Mobile Intel Pentium 4 538, 532 and 518 are priced at $294, $234 and $202, respectively; the Intel Celeron M Processor 340 is priced at $134.