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Intel to Release SDK for Amazon Alexa

Intel has released an SDK for Amazon Alexa, paving a clear path for third-party developers to integrate the voice-control technology into their products.

The Intel Speech Enabling Developer Kit is designed to provide a complete audio front-end solution for far-field voice control. It includes such components as algorithms for acoustic echo cancelation, noise reduction, beamforming and a custom wake-word engine tuned to “Alexa.” It also comes with Intel’s dual DSP with inference engine and its eight-microphone circular array.

“There’s a lot of engineering involved in getting speech recognition at high degrees of speed and accuracy to deliver the best customer experiences,” said Miles Kingston, general manager of Intel’s smart-home group, in a statement. “The Intel Speech Enabling Developer Kit is based on a new architecture that delivers high-quality far-field voice even in the most acoustically challenging environments.”

The SDK is currently available for pre-order.