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Intel Ramps Up For Viiv Launch

Santa Clara, Calif. — Intel announced a series of partnerships today that will link entertainment content downloading to devices powered by Intel’s upcoming Viiv technology.

Intel said more than 40 companies are already working on products that will utilize the Viiv platform, which should be in production early in 2006. Viiv will help manage a home’s digital entertainment primarily by enabling a variety of IT and consumer electronic devices to communicate. The expected list of products that will work with Viiv are TVs, DVD players, portable media players, digital media adapters and networking routers, the company said.

Some of the companies now developing Viiv-compatible PCs are TiVo, NEC, Movielink, Napster, Ulead, Sonic Systems and Pinnacle.

Intel has provided these vendors with specifications and verification tools so all the products will work with the content providers when the devices become available next year.