Integration Kit For Acura, Honda Gets Upgrade


Clearwater, Fla. - A firmware upgrade launched by AAMP for its iSimple-brand

GateWay iPod/iPhone integration kit

for Honda and Acura factory radios will expand the kit's compatibility to hundreds more vehicles, the company announced.


The firmware update lets Honda/Acura radios see the $189 interface kit as a factory CD changer instead of a factory satellite-radio tuner, making the kit compatible with almost every 2004-2011 Honda and Acura vehicle, the company said. Exceptions are factory radios equipped with a "CDL" button and Honda Element radios identified as part number 2BW0.

 In emulating a Honda/Acura CD changer, the kit delivers more limited factory-system control over connected iPods and iPhones than if it were emulating an outboard satellite radio. In changer-emulation mode, the kit offers iPod track control from the head unit, ability to browse six playlists from the head unit, and the use of the iPod/iPhone in manual control mode. Metadata can't be displayed on the head unit.

 In satellite-radio mode, the kit delivers full control of the iPod or iPhone, including library browsing by playlist, artist, album and the like via the OEM radio controls. The OEM radio will also display track data on its display.

The firmware download is available at



Different $189 iSimple GateWay kits are available for integration with the OEM radios of many late-model vehicles. Five kits are available for GM (and former GM) vehicles depending on the radio type, and two kits are available each for Audi/VW vehicles, Hyundai, Nissan/Infiniti, and Subaru, also depending on the radio type. One kit is available for each of the following vehicle brands: Ford, Honda/Acura, and Toyota/Scion/Lexus. Each kit comes with different firmware and wiring harnesses.

 Besides integrating iPods with factory sound systems, the kits also charges all models of iPod and iPhone via the iPod's 30-pin connectors, and it offers an additional audio input for use with other MP3 players, smartphones and tablets.  Consumers can also use the kits in satellite-radio emulation mode to add on and control the company's NuRadio HD Radio tuner, an aftermarket satellite-radio tuner, and a hands-free Bluetooth module.


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