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Integra Launches High-End Audio Trio

Indianapolis – Two high-end A/V
receivers and a preamp-processor that Integra is bring to the CEDIA Expo are
the brand’s first with DTS Neo:X post-processing and 4K video upscaling.

All three networked devices also
sport an expanded selection of Internet music services, and all will be the
first Integra processors and receivers that can be controlled from free
wireless remote-control apps available for mobile Apple and Android devices.

The $2,600-suggested Integra DHC-80.3 AV preamp processor, $3,000 DTR-80.3 A/V receiver, and $2,300 DTR-70.3 A/V receiver are 9.2-channel THX Ultra2 Plus certified systems. All are shipping.

With Integra’s implementation of DTS
Neo:X, the three components up-convert stereo and multichannel soundtracks to
up to 9.1 channels, though Neo:X allows for 11.1-channel implementations. The
Integra implementation gives users a choice of which extra channels to add to a
5.1 system. Users could add front-height and image-widening front-wide speakers
to a 5.1 system, or they could add front-wide and surround-back speakers. A
third option is adding front-wide and surround-back speakers.

The trio also features Audyssey
DSX post-processing, which adds front-height channels and a pair of
image-widening left-right speakers to traditional 5.1-speaker setups. The
products also feature Dolby ProLogic IIz post processing, which adds
front-height channels.

Among their video features, the components
offer the new IDT HQV VidaVHD1900 video processor for the first time to step up
video processing, including enhancement of low-resolution streaming video and
1080p up-scaling of analog and video sources.

For the first time, the brand is
adding Qdeo up-scaling of native and up-scaled 1080p video to 4K. Although 4K
video displays are “few and far between,” said sales director Keith Haas, “we
see that changing over the next 12 months, especially in the high-end and
commercial installs.”

In expanding the selection of Internet
radio services, Integra is adding Spotify, Aupeo and  to join, Mediafly, Pandora, Slacker, Napster,
Rhapsody, vTuner and Sirius XM Internet Radio.

Like their predecessors, the
components feature Windows 7 and DLNA certification to stream music from
networked PCs. Also, like their predecessors, the trio features ISFccc video
calibration capabilities, making it possible to individually optimize video
signals for each connected video source without resorting to complex cable
routing and customized remote-control macros.

The DHC-80.3 preamp processor
features high-end balanced XLR outputs designed for optimal performance with
high-end nine-channel power amplifier such as Integra’s DTA-70.1. The DHC-80.3
processor and DTR-80.3 A/V receiver also offer high-current power supplies with
premium toroidal transformers for low-noise performance.

The receivers are rated at 9×145
watts and 9×135 watts, respectively, into 8 ohms from 20Hz-20kHz.

Like their predecessors, the components
feature Dolby Volume, which delivers a consistent volume level when switching
among connected audio and video sources, when changing TV channels, when TV
programs transition to a commercial, and when a TV program transitions from
louder to softer scenes.