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Innotech Intros Voice-Control Device For iPods

Port Jefferson, N.Y. — Innotech Systems has introduced a device allowing users to control their iPods with their voice.

The company, which has been in the voice-recognition technology industry for about 15 years, said it is the first of its kind.

The Accenda Voice Control for iPod enables users to adjust the volume, play a song, stop play, skip track, go to the previous track, rewind or replay a song. It operates by having the user’s headphones plugged into the Accenda Voice Control, and then plugging the Accenda’s cable into the iPod dock connector. The company said no further set up is required and that it is ready to use “out of the box.”

Once connected to the iPod media player, the Accenda is always on, Innotech said, listening for the user to say the prompting word “iPod.” An auto-mute function is designed to enables the device to be used with external speakers by muting the audio so the Accenda can hear the command.

A bass-boost function is also included, said the company.

Rick Pines, national sales representative for Innotech, said the Accenda Voice Control was the brainstorm of one of the company’s engineers. “It’s really one of a kind,” he told TWICE.

Innotech said the Accenda can be used by “nearly all” English speakers. Those who speak other languages — or English speakers with strong accents — can use the Accenda by “training” it to recognize commands in other languages.

Measuring 1.5 inches, the iPod-powered device can be hung around the user’s neck or clipped to a shirt with the included neck strap and lapel clip. It is certified as “Made for iPod,” and the packaging will carry that logo.

The following iPod models can be used with the Accenda Voice Control: iPod Touch; iPod Classic; iPod with click wheel, video or color display; first-, second- and third-generation Nanos; and the iPod Mini.

It has a suggested retail of $99.95; full production is scheduled to begin in September.