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InGrid Alarm Hits Crutchfield’s

Berwyn, Pa. — Home security provider InGrid made its first move into the retail market, linking up with Crutchfield’s e-commerce site to distribute its self-installable home-security product.

InGrid uses a broadband Internet connection and wireless components to provide home security. The company has partnered with Guardian Protection Services to provide alarm monitoring.

InGrid will sell two self-install kits through Crutchfield, both of which come with alarm monitoring for $29.99/month. Consumers can choose to self-monitor their systems, with alerts routed directly to them and not a call center, for $19.99/month.

A basic system, for $199, includes a base station, console, a phone handset and three window/door sensors. It is geared toward apartments and homes with 1,500 square feet.

A “home” system, for $299, adds a grid extender and a total of eight window/door sensors and is suitable for a 2,500 square foot house.

Both systems use a base station that connects to a broadband Internet connection. It features an auxiliary phone port to provide connectivity in the event of a power outage. The base also charges the InGrid handset — a 2.4GHz digital cordless phone that includes built-in controls for the alarm system.

Both systems can accommodate up to 50 additional window/door sensors for $39.99 each and a keychain remote for $34.99.

Because it is connected via the Internet, the system can also be accessed remotely through a secure Web browser, allowing consumers to view a log of each sensor to see when each was activated. The system can also be customized to send alerts (both emergency and non-emergency) via e-mail.

According to the company, the system can be installed and activated in fewer than 90 minutes.

InGrid is moving slowly to retail since its launch. “Home security has not traditionally sold well through retail, the consumer awareness isn’t there,” said Louis Stilp, founder/CEO.

The company plans to “bootstrap” its offering through recognized cable multisystem operator brands and other partners to build greater awareness, he said.