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Ingram Puts AVAD, DBL In One Division

Santa Ana, Calif. – Ingram Micro has integrated the AVAD custom-installation and home-automation unit into a larger division that includes DBL Distributing.
While the AVAD name and operating structure will be retained, the unit will now be organized under the Ingram Micro consumer electronics division, allowing AVAD and DBL Distributing to leverage best practices, market expertise and common processes, Ingram said in a statement.
Customers and vendors will benefit from the larger organization’s more efficient infrastructure and broader product portfolio. AVAD customers will have access to products and services currently offered by DBL Distributing and the core IT distribution business while vendors will be able to expand their reach to new customer segments and capitalize on cross-sell opportunities.
John Soumbasakis, strategic divisions senior VP, Ingram Micro North America, will continue to lead the division, with the general managers of AVAD and DBL reporting to him.
AVAD was acquired by Ingram Micro in 2005, establishing a foothold in the home entertainment and automation market. AVAD provides complete systems solutions for home theater, home automation, professional audio-visual, lighting controls, security and central vacuum, as well as heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) and more.
DBL Distributing, which offers consumer electronics accessories and related products, transitioned to the Ingram Micro consumer electronics division in January of this year.
In conjunction with the transition, Tim Coakley will lead vendor management and marketing for the overall Ingram Micro consumer electronics division. Coakley, who has more than 20 years of experience in the consumer electronics and retail industries, is expanding his role after managing these functions for DBL Distributing.
“I look forward to Tim’s leadership as we work closely together to pursue new growth opportunities,” said Jim Annes, AVAD’s general manager. “The integration with the Ingram Micro consumer electronics division will open many new possibilities for vendors and customers, who will now have access to a wide variety of products and services, such as digital signage, accessories, additional security and information technology. We’re excited about these changes and the opportunities presented by bringing AVAD under the divisional umbrella,” he said in a statement.
Annes added that AVAD is currently searching for a national sales leader to enhance its sales efforts and is consolidating five small branches in Oregon, Indiana, Pennsylvania, Florida and Utah. Customers of these branches will be served by the remaining 23 branches throughout the United States and Canada.