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An Industry Bids Farewell

“Bill is a true professional and a friend. At the end of the day, we want to be remembered not by how tough we negotiated, but how we treated people.” – Scott Hymas, CEO, R.C. Willey

“When I was first promoted to the P.C. Richard & Son account for GE, Bill was the buyer, having worked his way up from the warehouse. I had moved ahead quickly and was new to handling such a large account, which caused some people to question the move. Bill took the time to teach me the business and what it takes to be successful in retail. Who knows what would have happened without his support!

“It has been great working with Bill all these years as we have both advanced in our careers. He clearly proved with hard work you can make it to the top. His contributions to our industry are numerous, but above all Bill always worked to build solid relationships and partnerships that will endure for years.” – Jim Campbell, former president/CEO, GE Appliances & Lighting; senior operating executive, Cerberus

“Billy is a true gentleman. He’s always been the same. Our motto is honesty, integrity and reliability, and he wears it to the bone.” – Gary Richard, chairman, P.C. Richard & Son

“I have known Bill for almost 25 years. Bill was a great asset to both Conn’s and NATM, teaching us the true value of vendor relationships. On behalf of his entire family at Conn’s, I wish him the best of luck in his retirement.” – David Trahan, retail president, Conn’s

“Bill is one of the most respected people in the major appliance and CE industries. The traits Bill demonstrated as a leader were his business savvy, fairness in negotiations, a gentleman’s respect, and kindness in the way he treated those that worked in all levels of an organization, his own as well as suppliers. Plus his great sense of humor. Thus, many people in the industry can refer to him as ‘My friend, Bill Trawick.’

P.S. If and when Bill decides to get serious about his golf game, his athleticism and willpower will get his handicap near or into single-digits!” – Jack Cruse, market development manager, The Stevenson Co.

“It is very apparent what you have meant to many, many people, myself included and this industry, over the course of your career. It’s been said that at the end of a career, the most a person can hope for is universal respect from those with whom they have worked, satisfaction in knowing you gave everything you had, and integrity for the way in which you did it. If this is true, then give yourself a pat on the back because you have accomplished all three. You are that rare person and there are very few among us who can truly say that.

“As you begin a new chapter in this ride called life, remember the words of C.S. Lewis: ‘You are never too old to set another goal or dream another dream.’ ” – Michael Maund, operations director, NATM