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Inducts 2007 CE Hall Of Famers

Coronado, Calif. — The industry honored its own at the annual Consumer Electronics Hall Of Fame dinner, held during the Consumer Electronics Association’s Fall Forum, inducting seven individuals and one team of technology developers on Tuesday night.

The honorees included Paul Allen, co-founder of Microsoft;

Dr. Amar Bose,

founder of Bose;

William G. Crutchfield

, founder/CEO of Crutchfield; James Edward Day, CEA counsel;

John McDonald

, president of Casio Electronics (U.S.); Steven Sasson, inventor of the digital camera while at Eastman Kodak;

Richard M. Schulze

, founder of Best Buy; Art Weinberg, journalist with Home Furnishings Daily who covered the industry during the 1970s; and the team that developed the MP3 codec: Dr. Dieter Seitzer, Dr. Heinz Gerhauser and Dr. Karlheinz Brandenburg.

Dr. Bose accepted his honor “for the people at [Bose] who have contributed to its success.”

Sasson cited his Eastman Kodak managers and colleagues for his success as well as the “sponsors of my first [photography] research lab growing up, my hallway closet,” namely his parents.

Dr. Seitzer thanked and complimented his “two students” fellow honorees Gerhauser and Brandenburg. Crutchfield commented on the accomplishments of human beings which are usually “built upon the works of others who came before us.”

Schulze thanked his friend and colleague Brad Anderson, vice-chairman/CEO of Best Buy, for 35 years of hard work and support as well as the chain’s 130,000 employees worldwide.