Incase Shows Off 1st Headphones


New York - Incase, which announced it was entering the headphones category

last month

, held a press preview here this week to show off its new wares.


The iPod accessory manufacturer demonstrated two lines of on-ear headphones, a line of over-ear headphones and a line of in-ears.

The Sonic over-hear models, which are at the top of the line at a $199 suggested retail, feature 40mm titanium drivers and fully articulating memory-foam ear cups. The suede-covered headphones will come with two cables, each with an in-line mic and volume control. One cable will come in black or gray while the second will match the inner ear pads.

The Reflex on-ear headphones ($79.95) have 40mm drivers, canvas-coated headbands and articulating ear cups. They come with a single cable with in-line mic and volume controls.

The second on-ear model, the Pivot headphones, retail for $59.95 and have 40mm drivers and ear cups that fold flat. The ear cups will also detach to prevent breakage should a user sit on them, a spokeswoman told TWICE.

The Sonics, Reflexes and Pivots each come in three colors.

The Capsule in-ear headphones have 8.5mm drivers. Features include an oval design with a unibody construction, three sizes of silicone ear tips, and an in-line mic and volume control. Four colors are offered, each for a $49.99 suggested retail.

The frequency range for all of the headphones is 20Hz to 20,000Hz. They will be available in the fall.

For more new headphones entrants, see the July 18 issue of TWICE.


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