Imation To Make DataPlay Media

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Boulder, Colo. - DataPlay today officially named Imation as the company's first partner in bringing DataPlay's new removable media format to market.

Imation, which makes a wide variety of removable storage media, will produce blank and pre-recorded 500MB DataPlay discs in time for the product's release late this fall. DataPlay CEO Steve Volk said he was interested not only in Imation's manufacturing capability, but its worldwide distribution capacity. Imation will produce the DataPlay discs at its Wahpeton, N.D. facility.

Imation became a major investor in DataPlay during that company's latest round of financing, which put $55 million into DataPlay's coffers, that was completed earlier this month. At that time Kodak, Trans World Entertainment, Intel and Olympus joined Toshiba, S3 and Samsung as investors in DataPlay. Volk intends to announce several additional strategic partners in July that will make DataPlay-based hardware devices and recorded media. DataPlay CFO Rich Mohr could not say which of the interested parties would make the final cut, but said that those that have invested in DataPlay would have a leg up on the competition.


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