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iLuv Docking Speaker Targets Android Phones


iLuv has joined a handful of docking-
speaker suppliers targeting the growing ranks
of Android smartphone users with the launch of the
Mobi-Air iMM377 docking speaker.

The speaker connects to most smartphones via
their MicroUSB port for charging and uses stereo
Bluetooth to stream audio from the smartphone to
the speaker. The speaker also doubles as a handsfree
speaker phone. It’s tentatively targeted to retail
for a suggested $89.99.

The speaker connects
to Android phones’
microUSB port for
charging, and iLuv is
testing whether it will
charge all Black-
Berry and Windows
phones through
their MicroUSB

To connect to
a smartphone’s
MicroUSB port, the
iMM377 features a sliding
MicroUSB connector that
slides left and right to connect to
most smartphones’ 5-watt MicroUSB
port. The phone’s MicroUSB port can be on
the top, bottom or sides of a phone or to the
left, center or right side of those surfaces, the
company said. Depending on the location of
the phone’s port, the phone will be placed in
landscape or portrait mode. MyBot OmniFit
Technology uses arms to grasp the edges of
a smartphone and adjusts for various smartphone

The speaker also features a back-panel
USB-A port for charging smartphones and
other mobile devices.
smartphones’ 5-watt MicroUSB port.