iLuv, Case-Mate Rush To Protect Verizon iPhone


Port Washington, N.Y. - iLuv and Case-Mate wasted no time in announcing accessories for the Verizon version of the iPhone 4, announced yesterday.


Both companies said their products will be available by the Feb. 10 selling date to new Verizon customers.  

iLuv's cases will include the following models:

·         Leatherette Clip case (iCC756), $49.99;

·         Metallic case (iCC749), available in titanium and chrome finish, $29.99;

·         Translucent case (iCC743), available in black, white or pink, $29.99;

·         Clear case (iCC742), $24.99;

·         Flex-Gel case (iCC746), offered in five colors, $24.99;

·         Flex-Trim case (iCC741), also in five colors, $19.99;

·         Glow-in-the-Dark case (iCC745), $19.99;

·         Silicone case (iCC744), in five colors, $14.99;

·         Sports armband (iCC212), $29.99;

·         Glare-free screen protector film (iCC1405), said to offer "quad-layer protection," $14.99; and

·         Clear screen-protector film (iCC1404), also offering "quad-layer protection," $12.99.

Case-Mate is introducing nine new cases for the Verizon iPhone:

·         The Monsta has a textured grip and is offered in white/red, pink/purple, green/dark green and gray/white for $24.99.

·         The Waddler features an "abstract penguin" and is available in black, brown and blue for $24.99.

·         The Egg is meant to simulate the look of an egg crate and was created by Nike designer Erik Arlen. Suggested retail is $24.99.  

·         The Gelli is offered in red, clear and gray for $19.99.

·         The tire-themed Vroom comes in black for $14.99.

·         The Pop case retails for $34.99 and has a "co-molding technique" that combines a hard case with soft handling. It comes in eight color combinations.

·         The Tough case comes in four color combinations for $34.99.

·         The Barely There is designed to highlight the thinness of the iPhone. Suggested retail is $24.99.

·         The Artist Collections, $34.99, feature the work of such artists as Chuck Anderson, Deanne Cheuk, Matt Moore and Shadow Chen.

·         Case-Mate's anti-glare/anti-fingerprint screen protector comes in a two-pack for $19.99, and its four-way privacy screen protector will retail for $19.99.



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