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iLuv Adds New iPod-Docking, Bed-Shaking Alarm Clock

Port Washington,
N.Y. – iLuv introduced the next
generation of its iPod-docking Shake and Awake alarm clock series, bringing an
iPhone-certified version to market for the first time.

The iMM178 Vibe Plus is available at a suggested $89.99 at

and other retailers.

Alarm clocks in the series feature a tethered vibrating device
that users place under a pillow to wake heavy sleepers or, via the dual-alarm
function, wake up one person to vibrations while another continues to sleep.

New features include an embedded speaker in the vibrating device
to reproduce iPod, iPhone or FM music. Other new features include a volume
control on the shaker, not just on the main unit, and 7-5-2 everyday, weekday
or weekend wake options.

It also has a time-sync function that synchronizes time with an
iPod or iPhone, a 10-level LCD dimmer control, PLL FM tuning and 10 station

Sleepers can wake up to iPod/iPhone music, FM radio, buzzer, bed
shaker, iPod and bed shaker, FM radio and bed shaker, and buzzer and bed shaker.

The system is compatible with iPhone 3G S, iPhone 3G, iPhone,
iPod Touch second generation, iPod Touch, iPod Nano first through 5th
generation, iPod Classic, iPod with video, iPod fourth generation, and iPod Mini.