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iLuv Adds Bluetooth Speaker With Qi Charging

New York – iLuv Creative Technology turned up at CE Week with its first AC-only Bluetooth speaker and its second docking speaker with Apple’s 8-pin Lightning connector.

The $199-suggested MobiRock Bluetooth speaker, which shipped this week, features a well in which users can place a Bluetooth-equipped smartphone and charge it wirelessly using Qi wireless charging technology. A USB charging port is available for Bluetooth smartphones that lack Qi charging.

MobiRock also features nearfield communications (NFC) to enable one-tap pairing. It joins an NFC-equipped portable AC/DC MobiAria Bluetooth speaker shipped a few weeks ago.

For the iPhone 5 and iPods with an 8-pin Lightning connector, iLuv plans September availability of the $99 Time Shaker docking alarm clock, which becomes the company’s second home audio system with Lightning connector. The first, the Aud5, is a $129 AC-only docking speaker that shipped in May for use with the iPhone 5 and latest generation iPods.

 The Time Shaker features dual alarms, FM, wake to iPod/iPhone music, LCD display, TimeSync button to sync time from the iPhone or iPod Touch,  aux input, and a wired shaker that can be placed under a pillow to wake up the hearing impaired or heavy sleepers or anyone who doesn’t want to disturb anyone else in the bedroom.