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Ihiji Ships Remote-Monitoring Device

Austin, Texas –
The cost of remotely monitoring custom-installed residential A/V systems is
going down with Ihiji’s launch of a $200 remote-monitoring device and a free
service tier.

The INV-APP-500
wall-wart-style appliance can be used in installations “of any size or scope,”
the company said. It joins a $550 remote-monitoring device intended for larger

 Both devices communicate with Ihiji’s Cloud-based
servers, which monitor the status of connected components and report issues to
the installing dealer. The dealer can often fix the problem remotely without
incurring the cost of going on-site, the company said.

service can be included in an installers’ service contract, enabling installers
to generate recurring revenue, improve client satisfaction, and reduce
service-department costs, the company said. The new device also enables remote
power management via the Cloud for existing IP-based power products.