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IDC: Higher Churn Driving Digicam Sales

Framingham, Mass. — Digital cameras will experience stronger-than-expected growth in 2007 thanks to quicker product turnover among consumers, according to research firm IDC.

For the year, IDC expects 122 million digital cameras to ship globally. The firm had announced its plan to upwardly revise its forecast earlier in the month when it reported stronger-than-expected second-quarter unit shipments.

The global market will grow from 122 million units shipped in 2007 to more than 138 million shipping in 2011. The digital SLR category will grow an average of 13 percent to over 11 million in 2011.

Given that the mean number of cameras per camera-owning homes stayed flat in 2006 at 1.4, IDC concluded that higher churn is driving the markets unexpectedly strong growth in 2007.

“The digital camera has become a personal, low priced item, similar to an MP3 player or mobile phone, which are more driven by impulse and fashion than utility, especially in the U.S., Japan, and Europe. This will propel shipments to higher levels than previously thought,” IDC said.