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Icron Debuts PC-On-TV Technology

LAS VEGAS – Icron Technologies is launching its ExtremeLink PC-on-TV technology at International CES in booth South 4 36508.
Icron’s ExtremeLink PC-on-TV is a hardware-based solution that transmits PC desktop video and USB control wirelessly (802.11n) to a TV, extending the TV’s functionality to include full online and interactive browser capabilities as well as access to all PC applications and content. It incorporates the company’s ExtremeUSB technology, which enables any USB input/output devices to act as if they were connected directly into the PC, with out-of-the-box plug-and-play support for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. No software drivers are needed, and there are no restrictions on the content or applications that can be delivered to the TV.
ExtremeLink PC-on-TV is comprised of two hardware units, one that connects to the PC’s video output and USB ports, and one that connects to a video and audio input on the TV. The TV-connected unit provides a remote USB hub for keyboard, mouse and other USB devices.
The product’s reference design provides both the PC-side and TV-side hardware systems, schematics, gerber files and operating software for OEM partners to design and integrate a complete system that meets their form factor and functional needs. Pricing for ExtremeLink PC-on-TV is expected to be about $299.