IBM: CE Sales To Rise 4% This Summer

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New York - IBM today released its first-ever forecast for CE sales, stating sales for the next three months should increase 4 percent compared with 2009.

IBM expects sales of CE products in the United States in June, July and August to total $24.6 billion.

The data is compiled by Dr. Michael Haydock who is a partner in IBM's Global Business Services and worldwide practice leader, customer analytics-business analytics and optimization. Haydock leads the business analytics and consulting team, which uses data supplied by the U.S. Census Bureau.

The forecast is based on data supplied to the government by 43,000 retailers across the country that sell CE and major appliance products.

Haydock said he takes the data and creates an index from which his forecast is derived.

While the report does not give data on how specific product categories will perform, it generally covers TVs, cellphones, personal computers and tablet computers, radios and stereos, refrigerators, dishwashers, ovens and other devices, according to Haydock.

Business can uses the report to make general assumptions about how future sales will go and can make the appropriate decisions on staffing, advertising and inventory, he said.

Going forward, the report will be issued monthly to the public. Haydock's division also generated reports for specific paying customers.


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