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iBiquity Reports 100 Stations Using HD Radio Technology

iBiquity Digital said that 100 radio stations across the country are delivering digital programming using its HD Radio In-Band On-Channel (IBOC) technology.

Over 300 stations in 39 states in more than 100 markets have licensed the technology, the company reported.

Also during the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) convention that was held here, iBiquity demonstrated the first prototype transmission of real-time traffic data via HD Radio technology to a car navigation system. iBiquity plans to test the prototype system in four markets: Chicago, Detroit, Los Angeles and New York.

The end-to-end system demonstration included a Panasonic GPS navigation system, radio station equipment from Broadcast Electronics, and apparatus and services provided by point-to-multipoint satellite-services provider Microspace Communications. The content was delivered by Las Vegas station KSTJ-FM to the GPS system.

“The same transmission method could be used to send a host of other types of content to listeners, such as sports scores, stock quotes and any other information that broadcasters want to send for real time or archival insertion along with their HD Radio broadcasts,” said iBiquity data businesses development VP Joe D’Angelo.

iBiquity also announced that the first five stations in Portland, Ore., have licensed HD Radio, and the company unveiled a list of licensed stations for the first time on its Web site.