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Ibiquity Buys Rights To Command Audio

Columbia, Md. and Redwood City, Calif. – iBiquity Digital Corp announced it acquired exclusive licensing of Comand Audio’s technology and intellectual property for use in all radios including satellite radio.

Ibiquity’s vice president of wireless data business development, Pat Walsh said the move will allow future iBiquity radios to deliver content such as news, weather and other programming on demand to users. Ibiquity is the developer of digital AM and FM broadcast technology.

Users will be able to purchase radios that will scroll through electronic program guide and time shift programming on their radio. ‘If you want to listen to Don Imus on your way home instead of in the morning, you will be able to program your radio to do this,’ said Walsh.

He said the Command Audio technology may be available in second generation digital radios about a year after the first models appear. The first digital audio radios are expected to be shown in January at the Consumer Electronics Show by companies including Alpine, Kenwood, Harman Kardon and Visteon.