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iBiquity: 80 Car Models To Come Equipped With HD Radio In 2010

A total of 80 vehicle models will come equipped with factory-installed HD radio as standard or optional equipment in calendar 2010, up from 53 in calendar 2009, HD Radio developer iBiquity Digital said in updating its progress.

Out of the 80 models with HD Radio, 36 will offer HD Radio as standard equipment, up from calendar 2009’s 24, iBiquity said. On the other models, HD Radio is part of an options package.

Vehicle brands offering factory-installed HD Radio for the first time in calendar 2010 are Ford, Lincoln and Mercury (see table below). All three previously offered the technology as an optional car-dealer-installed add-on box that could be controlled by most of their vehicle models’ existing radios.

Other vehicle brands joining the HD Radio parade in this calendar year include Audi and Kia. Brands expanding availability at the factory level in calendar 2010 are Hyundai, Jaguar, and Kia.

In 2008, only 30 models offered factory-installed HD Radio, which was standard in only one.

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