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IAWTV Awards Handed Out

LAS VEGAS — The second annual IAWTV Awards were held at the Palazzo Theatre at the Venetian Resort Hotel as part of the International CES Entertainment Matters Conference.

The IAWTV Awards is an official web television industry awards show established for content creators, by content creators.

The winners are:

Best Animated Series – “Red vs. Blue”

Best Cinematography – “H+ The Digital Series” – Brett Pawlak

Best Comedy Series – “Squaresville”

Best Costume Design – “The League of S.T.E.A.M.”

Best Design (Art Direction/Production) – “Continuum” – Eric Whitney

Best Directing (Comedy) – “My Gimpy Life” – Sean Becker

Best Directing (Drama) – “Anyone But Me” – Tina Cesa Ward

Best Directing (Non-Fiction) – “The Flog” – Sean Becker

Best Documentary Series – “PRODIGIES”

Best Drama Series – “Leap Year”

Best Editing – “Continuum” – Blake Calhoun

Best Educational Series – “Engineer Your Space”

Best Ensemble Performance – “Squaresville”

Best Female Performance (Comedy) – “My Gimpy Life” – Teal Sherer Teal

Best Female Performance (Drama) – “Blue” – Julia Stiles

Best Host (Live) – “What’s Trending” – Shira Lazar

Best Host (Taped) – “Daily Grace” – Grace Helbig

Best Hosted (Live) Series – “What’s Trending”

Best Hosted (Taped) Series – “Daily Grace”

Best Interactive/Social Media Experience – “The Lizzie Bennet Diaries”

Best Live Event – “Bill Maher: CrazyStupidPolitics”

Best Makeup/Special Effects – “The League of S.T.E.A.M.”

Best Male Performance (Comedy) – “The Jeff Lewis 5-Minute Comedy Hour” – Jeff LewisBest Male Performance (Drama) – “The Booth at the End, Season 2” – Xander Berkeley

Best News Series – “The Philip DeFranco Show”

Best Online Channel – “Nerdist Channel”

Best Original Music – “Cost of Capital” – Rob Gokee

Best Supplemental Content – “Red vs. Blue”

Best Variety Series – “Rhett & Link”

Best Visual Effects (Digital) – “H+ The Digital Series” – Faction Creative and The Sequence Group: VFX Supervisor Ian Kirby; Digital Effects Supervisor Chris van Dyck; VFX Producer Caleb Bouchard

Best Writing (Comedy) – “Squaresville” – Matt Enlow

Best Writing (Drama) – “The Booth at the End, Season 2” – Christopher Kubasik

Best Writing (Non-Fiction) – “The Flog” – Felicia Day