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I3A Launches Photo Preservation Site

White Plains, N.Y. — Hoping to rescue digital images from the perils of digital extinction, the International Imaging Industry Association (I3A) launched a consumer Web site aimed at explaining the art of photo preservation in the digital era.

The site,, offers “cookbook”-style advice for backing up images and explores the pros and cons of various forms of image archiving. The site is manufacturer agnostic.

The I3A was aided in the site’s creation by several member firms including Acmeworks Digital Film, Creative Memories, Kodak, HP and Sprint.

The association said that it would update the site as new technology emerges and upon industry input.

According to a survey of consumer’s digital imaging habits released late last year from the Consumer Electronics Association, 78 percent of camera owners rely on their PC alone for long-term storage. “They are just a hard-drive crash away from disaster,” the study observed.