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Humax To Launch DVR Ad Campaign

Oradell, N.J. – Humax USA, the local sales operation of one of South Korea’s leading digital set-top box manufacturers, is launching its first U.S. print advertising campaign in preparation for the July introduction of its TiVo digital video recorders (DVRs) and the September launch of integrated TiVo DVRs and DVD recorders.

The company has hired the Sigma Group advertising agency to prepare two ads for trade publications and one for consumer publications. Additionally, the Humax campaign will be featured on Web banners, email blasts, direct mail and sales collateral pieces.

“We challenged Sigma to convey the Humax Easy Digital philosophy‹that it is a company with innovative technology that is approachable and understandable to the consumer while assuring the trade that Humax DVRs and DVD recorders will help generate sales, not returns,” said Tony Goncalves, Humax USA sales and marketing VP.

The two trade ads, which target mass-market electronics retailers, feature the full-line of Humax with TiVo products. The second underscores that the ease-of-use design of the products will keep returns at a minimum. Both ads are slated to appear this month.

The consumer ad, scheduled for release in October, targets home entertainment enthusiasts, road warriors and sports enthusiasts. It illustrates the fact that “the last thing any consumer wants to do is fool around with a complicated DVD recorder.”

The consumer ad will be carried in A/V enthusiast publications as well as in in-flight and sports publications.