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HuffPo Introduces Stress-Reducing App GPS For The Soul

LAS VEGAS — Arianna Huffington and the Huffington Post is introducing at International CES GPS For The Soul, an app designed to relieve stress.

The free app was officially released in conjunction with Huffington’s opening address of the Digital Health Summit, here. The app — co-developed with the firm Heartmath — also ties in with the GPS For The Soul section of the Huffington Post website, which gives readers advice on their health and reducing stress in their lives.

“Two years ago I gave a speech on the 25th anniversary of the start of the dot-com era, and I said I would like to see an app developed called GPS For The Soul to help reduce stress,” she said. “Nine months ago I thought, ‘Why don’t we actually create such an app ourselves?’ ” sure a person’s heart rate and heart variability and then connects the person to items that will help reduce stress. These can include songs, photos, poetry and meditation practices.

“We all have a centered place in ourselves. The app measures your heart rate and then connects you with what helps find your peace,” Huffington said.

The individual can also use peacefinding devices from others via the app’s social-media aspect. Huffington herself, along with people like Deepak Chopra and Paula Abdul, will make their stressreleasing items available online.

Huffington noted that technology itself helps create the need for GPS For The Soul. “We are now seeing a connection between technology and health. Stress is acknowledged as something that destroys health and creativity. People have a hard time disconnecting. Sleep is disrupted by people checking devices in the middle of the night,” she said.