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HTSA Names New Officers

Chester Springs, Pa. — Home Theater Specialists of America (HTSA), the specialty A/V buying group, has elected new corporate officers for 2008.

The new slate includes Brian Hudkins, president of Gramophone LTD, who will serve as HTSA president, and Mike McMaster of Wilshire Home Entertainment, who was elected VP. Also, Joe Barrett of Barrett’s Home Theater has won a seat on the HTSA board.

Other continuing board members are Jon Robbins of Hi Fi House; Leon SooHoo of Paradyme; Chuck Abbott of Abbott’s Audio &Video; David Wexler of The Little Guys; Bob Gullo of Electronic Design Group; and Leon Shaw of Audio Advice.

“We are in one of the most dynamic businesses imaginable,” Hudkins said in a statement. “There’s an incredible amount of engineering talent able to develop new products more rapidly than our customers can possibly grasp especially in the larger retail environment that is more focused on commoditizing products than demonstrating experiences. Who could have imagined that in 2007, a 42-inch digital, flat panel HDTV could be so devalued that they would be sold at the local office supply store for $599, or that high definition DVD players would be sold for $98?”

“Thankfully, our part of this industry does focus on demonstrating experiences but we must do an even better job of letting the world see, hear, touch and experience the benefits of the amazing products we have to offer,” Hudkins continued. “This year that will require, more than ever before, dedication to increasing the professionalism of our organizations through training, improving our showroom merchandising and sales presentations, and developing stronger marketing programs to reach prospective customers so that we might help to stop the rampant commoditization of some of the most exciting products in the world.”

HTSA executive director Richard Glikes noted that “Brian is true leader. This appears to be a challenging year ahead of us and Brian is a very sentient individual. We will put his full faculties to work for the betterment of the group and our valued vendor partners.”