HTSA Elects New Board


Chester Springs, Pa.


Home Theater Specialists of America

(HTSA), the 59-member A/V and custom-install buying group, has elected a new slate of corporate officers for 2010.

Leon Shaw, chairman and founder of Audio Advice, was elected president; Bob Gullo, founder and president of Electronics Design Group, was elected VP, succeeding Shaw in 2011; and Brad Whitehead, principal of Paragon Technology Group, will join the HTSA board.

Returning board members include Jon Robbins of HiFi House, Chuck Abbott of Abbott's Technology Design Group, Brian Hudkins of Gramophone and Joe Barrett of Barrett's Home Theater.

HTSA executive director Richard Glikes said the new board members represent three of the group's most successful members. "Leon Shaw is an astute, high-end audio maven. Unlike most businesses in our industry, Leon's company, Audio Advice, has been growing. He has outlined his visions for the group, which include enhanced communication with members, the desire to implement a single software platform for all, and [an] increased Web presence for the group and its members. We welcome the challenges."

Shaw founded the business 31 years ago in Raleigh, N.C. The A/V custom retailer has since expanded to the Charlotte market, and was awarded best specialty A/V dealer by TWICE in 2008.

Piscataway, N.J.-based Electronics Design Group, founded by Gullo in 1987, is described by HTSA as a pioneer in the custom residential electronics industry and one of the top residential system integrators in the country. The company continues to design innovative systems using the latest software and control system technology to bring clients simple and easy-to-use solutions, the buying group said.

Whitehead's Paragon Technology Group, based in Glenwood Springs, Colo., entered the custom electronic system design market 13 years ago and three years later added whole-home systems integration. Whitehead is responsible for operations and finance, and oversees Paragon's residential electronic system implementations.

The new board will take their positions effective Jan. 1.


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