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HTSA Aims To Boost Sales, Add Members

St. Louis – Home Technology Specialists of America (HTSA) has set
its sights on growing group revenue by $100 million.

Richard Glikes, executive director of the 58-member buying group
for specialty A/V dealers, custom installers and system integrators, announced
the new sales goal yesterday at HTSA’s annual Fall Pump Up meeting here at the

Glikes said the $100 million increase would compensate for sales
losses over the past two years, which reduced group revenue to less than $400

To help reach its goal, HTSA will expand its ranks through the
creation of a new associate-member tier with lower group dues and an annual
sales requirement of $2.5 million, half that of current members.

Glikes is looking to add about a dozen “young, smart” system
integrators that would swell the group’s ranks to more than 70 members and lay
the groundwork for future growth, he told TWICE.

HTSA will also leverage e-commerce tools like Google AdWords and keyword
searches to help achieve the $100 million sales boost, he said.

The group’s fall gathering continues through Thursday.