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HTSA Adds 56th Member

Salt Lake City, Utah — Aurant, a custom home installer based here, has joined Home Theater Specialists of America (HTSA) as the buying group’s 56th member.

Aurant began business in 1989 as Audition Systems under its founder and current principal owner Rich Barra, and last month hired Jeffrey Anderson as CEO. The company has a 6,500-square-foot showroom with six home theater demo rooms featuring systems priced from $10,000 to $500,000. Aurant’s specialty is complex automation systems that control everything from home theaters and window treatments to snow melting driveways and heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC).

According to HTSA, Aurant’s annual sales have increased an average of over 20 percent for the last three years, with half of all revenue derived from installations over $500,000. The company is also a Top Ten dealer for such premium vendors as Runco, Crestron, Wilson and B&W.

Barra said he joined HTSA because “Besides the obvious, to save money at the end of the year, my friends in the organization recommended we join. We have a lot to give in custom arena and a lot to learn on the retail side of things.”

Richard Glikes, executive director of HTSA, said, “We have tried to cultivate this relationship for three years. HTSA does have the finest custom retailers in the industry in one organization. We do not do the most business, just the best business.”