HTC Q2 Forecast: 100% Unit Sales Growth


Taoyuan, Taiwan - Smartphone maker HTC expects second-quarter handset shipment to grow in a range of 103 percent to 113 percent, yielding sales of 11 million to 11.5 units following first-quarter growth of 192 percent to 9.7 million.

  The company also expects second-quarter revenues to rise 97 percent to NT$120 billion ($4.19 billion) following first-quarter growth of 175 percent to NT$104.2 billion ($3.59 billion).

 Also in the second quarter, the company said it would start phase three of a brand development program designed to build brand preference, having completed phase two of its branding program a year ahead of schedule.

 Also in the second quarter, the company said it would launch its Watch HD movie-download service as part of a first step to develop a content and services platform to differentiate itself. The platform will be "an important part of HTC's core competence," HTC said.

In outlining its plans, HTC also said it would add 1,000 people this year to strengthen its marketing, operation and R&D efforts.

 Earlier this month, HTC reported first-quarter revenues rising 175 percent to NT$ 104.2 billion ($3.59 billion), operating income rising 192 percent to NT$16.5 billion ($569.6 million), and net income after taxes rising  197 percent to NT$14.8 billion ($511.2 million.)

 U.S. dollar amounts are based on a currency conversion rate of $1 to NT$29.


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