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HTC Adopts AptX For Bluetooth Streaming

Sunnyvale, Calif.
– Smartphone maker HTC is incorporating CSR’s AptX audio codec in its new

One series

of smartphones to improve the sound quality of music streamed from
the phones via Bluetooth to AptX-equipped headphones and Bluetooth speaker
systems, CSR announced.

The codec is among
a series of music-related enhancements in the One-series phones, including the
application of Beats music-enhancement technology across all music sources, such
as YouTube, streaming music services and games, not just stored music. A new
Music Hub feature lets users store music, music applications and
streaming-music apps in one onscreen location.

The AptX codec is
said to deliver CD-quality sound by eliminating the compressed-music artifacts
that Bluetooth’s SBC audio codec makes more noticeable when an MP3 file or
other compressed-music file is transmitted wirelessly.

smartphones will also stream music in the AptX codec over Bluetooth to car
stereo systems via HTC’s Car StereoClip, a Bluetooth dongle that incorporates AptX
and plugs into the 3.5mm aux in jack of a car stereo head unit.

U.S. carriers
marketing HTC One series phones include T-Mobile, which

April 25 availability

of the HTC One S at $199 through T-Mobile retail
stores, select dealers, national retailers and the carrier’s website. It
features 4G HSPA+48 technology.

 For its part, AT&T

May 6 availability

of the HTC One X at $199 with 4G LTE and 4G HSPA+21. The
lower-priced One S will be available through a variety of U.S. carriers, though
specific dates haven’t been announced.


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