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HP Updates MediaVault Server Lineup

Hewlett-Packard is focusing a great deal of attention on the MediaSmart server line, but the company realizes many consumers simply need attached storage and not a full-blown server for their home network.

With that in mind HP is upgrading its MediaVault line of networked attached storage devices, first introduced in Sept. 2006, with two new models. The refresh includes a new chassis, one that mimics the MediaSmart server’s appearance and more capacity, 500GB and 1TB compared to the 300GB and 500GB that rolled out last year, said Carlos Montalvo, HP’s VP product marketing, managed home.

“We want to call this NAS + because it is a smart device,” he said.

The units feature:

  • Continuous file backup across all a home network’s computers.
  • Central file access and storage for computers across your network.
  • Secure remote access to files from outside the home.
  • Easily create a secure HP Photo Webshare, where selected family, friends or associates can view and share photos and video clips.
  • Stream photos, music and videos to entertainment devices or other networked computers.
  • An expansion bay.

The SKUs will be available in March with suggested retail prices of $299 for the 500GB and $549 for the 1TB.

Montalvo said a strong market will remain for NAS because not everyone is going to want to step up to owning a home server, even though the price for the entry-level MediaSmart Server (see Home Servers A Hit p. 184) and high-end MediaVault are close.