HP Unveils Cloud Printing Project


New York - Hewlett-Packard today embarked on a Web-centric printing effort based on the company's new ePrint-enabled printers.

Starting immediately almost all the company's inkjet and laser printers shipped will have enough onboard intelligence to accept and print pages from every Web-connected portable device now on the market including smartphones, said Vyomesh Joshi, HP's executive VP for imaging and printing.

This capability will be available in all HP printers costing $99 or more, Joshi said.

The ability to print Web pages from smartphones and other portable devices is centered on using a combination of cloud computing and by assigning each HP printer its own email address. The user emails the page to be printed back to the HP printer via HP's online ePrintCenter. The ePrintCenter was described as an online hub where new services would be available and the place where customers can customize their printing experience.

Using an email address eliminates the need for the portable device to have the proper printer driver installed, Joshi said. The original email address can be changed so unsolicited email is not printed.

The built-in intelligence also gives the printers the ability to automatically handle simple scheduled printing tasks, such as printing out the news from a specific Web site at a set time each day.

HP has partnered with Google, Yahoo, Nickelodeon and LiveNation, all of which have created apps for the new HP printers.

Sundar Pichai, Google's VP product management said HP's ePrint Center will work with Google's soon to be released Cloud Print project. Google's effort, expected to launch this fall, gives an application the ability to be printed. Pichai said the code is embedded in the app making it printable.


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