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HP Passes Dell In Worldwide PC Shipments

Hewlett-Packard squeaked by Dell to become the top PC shipper worldwide for the third quarter, however, Dell retained its lead in the U.S. market by a comfortable margin, according to the research firms IDC and Gartner.

Gartner had HP shipping 9.6 million units worldwide, for 16.3 percent of the market, while IDC credited HP with 9.831 million units shipped, for 17.2 percent of the market, with Dell shipping 9.803 million units in the quarter. Gartner said Dell’s worldwide year-over-year increase was the worst ever posted by the company, coming in with only a 3.6 percent increase.

Domestically, Dell lost a few points of market share to HP and saw its shipment numbers fall, with IDC showing a 6.7 percent fall off compared with the third quarter last year. Gartner had Dell down 7.1 percent. Despite this both research firms firmly placed Dell on the top of their lists.

Overall, the U.S. PC market was down. IDC found the falloff at just a hair under 1 percent on 16.9 million units shipped. Gartner reported a drop of 2 percent, to 15.9 million units shipped. Worldwide IDC said shipments grew 7.9 percent, while Gartner placed growth at 6.7 percent.

Apple was the big winner for the quarter, grabbing an extra point of market share on unit shipment increases in the 30 percent range, according to the research firms. IDC credited the strong growth to Apple’s shift to Intel processors. Toshiba scored very well on Gartner’s study, boosting shipment numbers 22.3 percent and gaining about 1.5 percent market share. IDC was less flattering showing 7.6 percent growth and a sub-1 percent market share increase.

Gateway was essentially flat on both reports.

Shipment and market share numbers differ due to the different reporting styles utilized by the two companies.