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HP Offers MediaCenter Extender Update

Palo Alto, Calif. — Hewlett-Packard said Thursday it has released a firmware update for second-generation MediaSmart TVs and later enabling the Internet-connected 1080p LCD TVs to link with PCs running Microsoft’s MediaCenter Extender for Windows Vista.

Through the automatic firmware download, owners of MediaSmart TV models SL4278 and SL4778 and all newer MediaSmart TV sets will be able to access content from storage on their home PCs running Windows Vista Home Premium or Ultimate for playback on HDTV screens as well as from the built-in Internet connection.

Extender for Windows Media Center is available on Windows Vista Home Premium and Ultimate-based PCs. HP said the capability also will be included in HP’s upcoming digital media receiver — the MediaSmart Connect — which is planned to be released later this year and will make any HDTV “MediaSmart.”

The Extender for Windows Media Center enables MediaSmart TVs to link with PCs running Windows Vista Home Premium or Ultimate to view pictures, music, videos and other files.

In addition, the Internet access capability built into all TVs running HP’s MediaSmart interface, enables renting or purchasing thousands of movies from CinemaNow, sharing and purchasing photos from Snapfish, accessing Internet radio stations from Live365, or playing personal content from multiple Windows XP or Windows Vista-based PCs or devices such as the HP MediaSmart Server or HP Media Vault.