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HP, Dell Dominate Black Friday Notebook Deals

New York — Gap Intelligence reported that Hewlett-Packard put forth the most notebook advertising effort on Black Friday, pushing out 25 different ad placements.

Overall, vendor advertising was flat year over year, Gap said, with HP and Dell claiming the lion’s share.

HP’s models on sale for the Black Friday shoppers started with the $178 2000-2D09WM and went up to include the company’s high-end Envy products.

The research firm noted that Dell also pushed its envelope by almost doubling its advertising effort from the prior year, while Toshiba focused its attention on the office superstore chains. This may have been a mistake as Gap cited those stores suffered a lower level of foot traffic this year.

Most of the other top-tier notebook vendors put forth a relatively weak effort.

Lenovo promoted its G500 $399 laptop at Best Buy, which Gap noted is the unit’s normal price. Asus focused on bargain hunters, offering up five sub-$300 models across a variety of retailers.

Acer placed two notebook ads: its $299 15-inch Gateway NV570P09U at Staples, after a $250 rebate, and the Aspire V5-122P-0408 for $248 at Walmart.

Sony’s Black Friday effort had its Fit 14E on sale at Fry’s for $698, after a $200 rebate.